BSS Güvenlik

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Bugün 1 , Ağustos ayında 6 ve toplamda 69 ayrı kişi ziyaret etti.


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BSS Güvenlik

BSS is International leading provider in technological security solutions. We are specialized in the design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of products and technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. The company focuse its activity in two different business lines; 

– Supplying, installation and maintanence of stechnological security products 

– Manufacturing, integration ,maintenance and R&D of security products like x-ray scanners , explosive detectors, body scanners, vehicle and cargo scanners, drones and anti-drone systems integrated . 

BSS founded in January 2007 through a management of Fehiman Fidan Relying on the complementarity of its founders’ competences and experiences, the company could, at the onset, enjoy the exclusitivity of marketing and integrating of the above products both in Turkey and in the Middle East. It managed to gain further the confidence of other world leaders in the hi-tech Security Systems Field.

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